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Instead of guessing at prices, erring in our favor, or budgeting finishes that might not be ideal, we emphasize proper planning and development so that we can come to you with an exact, fair price to perform the project.

There are three phases included in the development of any remodeling project:


SITE VISIT: We listen to your goals and ideas, contribute what ideas we might have, and then if we all decide it’s a good fit, we begin the development process with the Project Planning Proposal (PPP). The PPP is an agreement that affords us to fully understand your desired outcome and develop a comprehensive plan.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: We work with you to determine the scope of work, select finishes (windows, cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, etc.), provide drawings as needed, and nail down all the details specific to your project. Some of the documents we will develop are:

  • The Materials Selection List (MSL): A compilation of all the approved materials and finishes relevant to your project.
  • 3-D Renderings and Floor Plans: When cabinetry is a part of your project, our cabinet designer works with you to develop renderings of your space.
  • Reflective Ceiling Plan: This schematic shows items that are located on the ceiling, such as lights, smoke alarms, ceiling fans, and grills used in the HVAC system.
  • Recommended Vendors List: We have relationships with area craftsmen who we value as reliable contributors and select based on their specialty.
  • Other Project Details: We use multiple forms to outline details such as the edge profile of counter tops, a sink drilling diagram, cabinet pull and knob placement, and paint colors.
  • Gantt Chart: A visual timeline showing the construction schedule.

With a complete grasp of the chosen materials and their installation requirements, Dwell Well can better visualize any special considerations. The effort we put into the development of your project ensures that our communications to you and to the crew are clear, helping to limit mistakes and show you exactly what to expect when the work is complete.

PROPOSAL COMPILATION: Since we have documented the scope of your project, we are able to accurately calculate the cost of all labor and supplies. You can move forward with peace of mind knowing the exact price and the expected results. Once you have signed the proposal and submitted your deposit, the construction commences.


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