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At Dwell Well Remodeling we really do want to make your home remodel as easy for you as possible. Remodeling is a specialized skill and our process helps to minimize cost overruns that other contractors don’t address until your house has been pulled apart. Some of the pitfalls in remodeling include:

  • Generalized budgeting: Many contractors supply an estimate, which is exactly that. You are still expected to pay for all time and materials. If the contractor generalized the materials and finishes, the estimate is often too low and you may wind up paying more that you had anticipated. Dwell Well Remodeling provides a hard bid based on predetermining every detail of the job.
  • Limited exploration: Some contractors may just take what you tell them and run with it, figuring things out as they go. By planning the entire project before a hammer is swung Dwell Well Remodeling may introduce options that you had not considered. Our project developer, JT Smith, will take time to understand what you want, offer multiple solutions, and refine the plans until they are in line with your vision and goals.
  • Skimping on what can’t be seen: Not all contractors are able or willing to address issues that homeowners won’t see. By using licensed and experienced subcontractors we ensure ventilation, wiring, and plumbing meet code. In addition, our employees are on the lookout for water damage, rotten structures, and other issues that could cause problems down the road. We relay our findings and propose solutions, then let homeowners make decisions about how to proceed. To be proactive, we recommend a waterproof membrane system to prevent tile failure and water infiltration.

Details drive our bids. We take the time to plan every aspect of your project, from major tasks like moving a wall, to the exact door stop, trim profile, or fixture that will be installed. We take the time to build your trust before we start tearing down walls. That way you will know the exact cost of your remodeling project.

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Dwell Well maintains the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and other professional associates.


Dwell Well is a team of seasoned professionals who tap into extensive remodeling experience, inspired creativity, and up-to-date methodology to deliver precise, polished, and pleasing results.


Dwell Well ensures the company’s longevity through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas including timeliness, cleanliness, and attention to detail.


Dwell Well creates an environment that allows our employees to flourish by encouraging pride and enjoyment in doing things the right way. If you’re not happy, we’re not done.